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Every Sunday

Perfect Sundays

Whether it's a G&T on our riverside terrace or a slap up Sunday lunch, enjoy a perfect Sunday at the Nine Elms Tavern.

Choose from a selection of succulent roasted meats, pub classics, pizza and don't forget to finish with a decadent dessert...

June 2018

Beefeater's Big Day Out

Beefeater's Big Day Out

Wednesday, 4th April 2018

Win a VIP tour of Beefeater's London distillery, dinner at the iconic 'SMITHS' of Smithfield restaurant, followed by an overnight stay at the Fox & Anchor boutique hotel.

The competition closes on 10th June, so click the button below to enter the prize draw!

Test Cricket

Test Cricket

Thursday, 24th May 2018

Thursday 24th May: 1st Test: England vs Pakistan 11am
Friday 1st June: 2nd Test: England VS Pakistan 11am
Wednesday 1st August: 1st Test: England vs India 11am
Thursday 9th August: 2nd Test: England vs India 11am
Saturday 18th August: 3rd Test: England vs India 11am
Thursday 30th August: 4th Test: England vs India 11am
Friday 7th September: 5th Test: England vs India 11am

England & Ireland Summer Tours

England & Ireland Summer Tours

Sunday, 27th May 2018

Watch the English & Irish rugby team's summer tour on screens throughout the pub.

Sunday 27th May: England vs Barbarians 3pm
Saturday 9th June: Australia vs Ireland 11am, South Africa vs England 3pm
Saturday 16th June: Australia vs Ireland 11am, South Africa vs England 3pm
Saturday 23rd June: Australia vs Ireland 11am, South Africa vs England 3pm

World Cup Warm Up

World Cup Warm Up

Saturday, 2nd June 2018

Saturday 2nd June: England vs Nigeria, 17:15pm
Thursday 7th June: England vs Costa Rica, 20:00pm

World Gin Day

World Gin Day

Friday, 8th June 2018

In ode of World Gin Day, we'll be offering a complimentary Beefeater Pink and tonic to all "Young's On Tap" users from 8th - 10th June!

To claim this gin-spirational offer, download our nifty app "Young's On Tap" and find your free drink voucher in the "My Treats" section from 8th June. The app is available for iPhone & Android users and alongside great offers you can also use it to choose the music, pay the bill and find other Young's and Geronimo pubs in your area.

Home ODIs

Home ODIs

Sunday, 10th June 2018

Sunday 10th June: ODI: Scotland vs England 11am
Wednesday 13th June: ODI: England vs Australia 1pm
Saturday 16th June: ODI: England vs Australia 11am
Tuesday 19th June: ODI: England vs Australia 2pm
Thursday 21st June: ODI: England vs Australia 2pm
Sunday 24th June: ODI: England vs Australia 11am

Watch the World Cup

Watch the World Cup

Thursday, 14th June 2018

With a riverside location and plenty of space for parties big or small, watch the World Cup at the Nine Elms Tavern!

Fri June 15: Egypt v Uruguay (Group A) - Ekaterinburg, 1pm
Fri June 15: Morocco v Iran (Group B) - St Petersburg, 4pm
Fri June 15: Portugal v Spain (Group B) - Sochi, 7pm

Sat June 16: France v Australia (Group C) - Kazan, 11am
Sat June 16: Argentina v Iceland (Group D) - Moscow (Spartak), 2pm
Sat June 16: Peru v Denmark (Group C) - Saransk, 5pm
Sat June 16: Croatia v Nigeria (Group D) - Kaliningrad, 8pm

Sun June 17: Costa Rica v Serbia (Group E) - Samara, 1pm
Sun June 17: Germany v Mexico (Group F) - Moscow (Luzhniki), 4pm
Sun June 17: Brazil v Switzerland (Group E) - Rostov-on-Don, 7pm

Mon June 18: Sweden v South Korea (Group F) - Nizhny Novgorod, 1pm
Mon June 18: Belgium v Panama (Group G) - Sochi, 4pm
Mon June 18: Tunisia v England (Group G) - Volgograd, 7pm

Tues June 19: Colombia v Japan (Group H) - Saransk, 1pm
Tues June 19: Poland v Senegal (Group H) - Moscow (Spartak), 4pm
Tues June 19: Russia v Egypt (Group A) - St Petersburg, 7pm

Wed June 20: Portugal v Morocco (Group B) - Moscow (Luzhniki), 1pm
Wed June 20: Uruguay v Saudi Arabia (Group A) - Rostov-on-Don, 4pm
Wed June 20: Iran v Spain (Group B) - Kazan, 7pm

Thu June 21: Denmark v Australia (Group C) - Samara, 1pm
Thu June 21: France v Peru (Group C) - Ekaterinburg, 4pm
Thu June 21: Argentina v Croatia (Group D) - Nizhny Novgorod, 7pm

Fri June 22: Brazil v Costa Rica (Group E) - St Petersburg, 1pm
Fri June 22: Nigeria v Iceland (Group D) - Volgograd, 4pm
Fri June 22: Serbia v Switzerland (Group E) - Kaliningrad, 7pm

Sat June 23: Belgium v Tunisia (Group G) - Moscow (Spartak), 1pm
Sat June 23: South Korea v Mexico (Group F) - Rostov-on-Don, 4pm
Sat June 23: Germany v Sweden (Group F) - Sochi, 7pm

Sun June 24: England v Panama (Group G) - Nizhny Novgorod, 1pm
Sun June 24: Japan v Senegal (Group H) - Ekaterinburg, 4pm
Sun June 24: Poland v Colombia (Group H) - Kazan, 7pm

Mon June 25: Uruguay v Russia (Group A) - Samara, 3pm
Mon June 25: Saudi Arabia v Egypt (Group A) - Volgograd, 3pm
Mon June 25: Spain v Morocco (Group B) - Kaliningrad, 7pm
Mon June 25: Iran v Portugal (Group B) - Saransk, 7pm

Tues June 26: Denmark v France (Group C) - Moscow (Luzhniki), 3pm
Tues June 26: Australia v Peru (Group C) - Sochi, 3pm
Tues June 26: Nigeria v Argentina (Group D) - St Petersburg, 7pm
Tues June 26: Iceland v Croatia (Group D) - Rostov-on-Don, 7pm

Wed June 27: South Korea v Germany (Group F) - Kazan, 3pm
Wed June 27: Mexico v Sweden (Group F) - Ekaterinburg, 3pm
Wed June 27: Serbia v Brazil (Group E) - Moscow (Spartak), 7pm
Wed June 27: Switzerland v Costa Rica (Group E) - Nizhny Novgorod, 7pm

Thu June 28: Japan v Poland (Group H) - Volgograd, 3pm
Thu June 28: Senegal v Colombia (Group H) - Samara, 3pm
Thu June 28: England v Belgium (Group G) - Kaliningrad, 7pm
Thu June 28: Panama v Tunisia (Group G) - Saransk, 7pm

Sat June 30: 1C v 2D - Kazan, 3pm (Match 50)
Sat June 30: 1A v 2B - Sochi, 7pm (Match 49)

Sun July 1: 1B v 2A - Moscow (Luzhniki), 3pm (Match 51)
Sun July 1: 1D v 2C - Nizhny Novgorod, 7pm (Match 52)

Mon July 2: 1E v 2F - Samara, 3pm (Match 53)
Mon July 2: 1G v 2H - Rostov-on-Don, 7pm (Match 54)

Tues July 3: 1F v 2E - St Petersburg 3pm (Match 55)
Tues July 3: 1H v 2G - Moscow (Spartak), 7pm (Match 56)

Fri July 6: Winner match 49 v Winner match 50 - Nizhny Novgorod, 3pm (Match
Fri July 6: Winner match 53 v Winner match 54 - Kazan, 7pm (Match 58)

Sat July 7: Winner match 55 v Winner match 56 - Samara, 3pm (Match 60)
Sat July 7: Winner match 51 v Winner match 52 - Sochi, 7pm (Match 59)

Tues July 10: Winner match 57 v Winner match 58 - St Petersburg, 7pm
Wed July 11: Winner match 59 v Winner match 60 - Moscow (Luzhniki), 7pm

Third-place play-off
Sat July 14: St Petersburg, 3pm

Sun July 15: Moscow (Luzhniki), 4pm

Father's Day

Father's Day

Sunday, 17th June 2018

Let him know that he's the man and book a table to spoil him rotten on Father's Day.

If he's a traditionalist he'll love our Sundays roasts, but Daddys who like something different, will enjoy signature sourdough pizzas, pub classics and more.

We'll also be showing the World Cup matches that day, so get in touch to book the best seats in the house!

T20 International Cricket

T20 International Cricket

Wednesday, 27th June 2018

Wednesday 27th June: T20: England vs Australia 6pm
Tuesday 3rd July: T20: England vs India 5pm
Friday 6th July: T20: England vs India 5pm
Sunday 8th July: T20: England vs India 2pm